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The 37th Annual Panihati Festival - 2013

You are invited to 37th Annual Panihati in the Druid Hills historical district of Atlanta. This outdoor festival will include live music, dance performances, delicious vegetarian food, chariot parade, a bazaar of handcrafts and clothing from India.

The “Bliss” awaits you  Friday - May 31st, Saturday - June 1st, and Sunday - June 2nd. Free admission!

This year we are welcoming an exciting array of performers to our performance stage.

There is the Bhakti Kalalayam Dance Academy from Gainesville, FL (www.bhaktidance.com ).

Bhakti Kalayam Acadamy

They are led by Annapayini dasi, an American, who trained in India for seven years learning the art of bharatnatyam dance (dance of devotion - bhakti). This dance troupe is widely acclaimed for their talent, dedication, and emotionally moving performances.



Also coming from Florida, are the Mayapuris (www.mayapuris.com ). They are a group of energetic Kirtaniyers (kirtan yoga). The Mayapuris have dedicated their hearts to Kirtan and travel world wide sharing their talents and love for this sacred music.               

For a full list of performers please check our festival schedule.

Along with beautiful music, dance, and magic there will be a food court featuring home made pizza, Indian samosas and other savories. We also have many healthy options like veggie burgers and vegan sweets prepared by a gourmet chefs. And, there will be some good ‘ol American junk food too!


SF Rathayatra

On Saturday don’t miss the joyous Festival of Chariot parade. A huge chariot decorated with flower garlands and a bright fabric canopy will be pulled accompanied with singing, dancing, drums, and cymbals. The parade begins from the festival site at 1:00p. It will make its way down Ponce de Leon Ave turning  on Moreland Ave to Little Five Points. The cart then returns to the festival site via the reverse route at 3:30p.


This Chariot parade is one of the oldest known parades in the world. It has been going on annually for the last 2,000 years in Jagananth Puri, Orrisa, Indian. It was first introduced to the West in 1967 in San Francisco, California. It has been held in every major city of the world including 5th ave in New York. The parade conveys a welcoming, loving, and joyous atmosphere to all the participants and those that watch.

After the parade, their will be a vegetarian feast.

panihati festival pot


On Sunday, is the truly unique festival of Chipped Rice that has its tradition dating back 500 years ago in West Bengal, India. It has been celebrated here at New Panihati, the Hare Krishna temple in Atlanta for over 35 years. It features a wide variety of beautifully decorated large clay pots of sweet and salty “chipped rice”. This flattened rice is soaked and then mixed with yogurt or sweetened condensed milk and varieties of exotic and local fruits or vegetables to create a one of a kind dish that is absolutely delicious and beautiful to look at! The feast is generally served around 3 pm.



For our ISKCON members, we have some special programs.

Acyutananda das
His Grace Acyutananda dasa and His Holiness Jayapataka Swami
will sit with us and speak about their pioneering days in West Bengal. Acyutananda das was the first ISKCON devotee to live in India. A few of his historic accolades: he trained Jayapataka Swami, compiled our current Vaisnava song book, built the hut which Srila Prabhupada lived in at the beginning of our Mayapur Chandra mandir. This is a rare opportunity to hear how these devotees established ISKCON in West Bengal.


HG Balabadra Bhattacarya das
We will also celebrate a rare ISKCON milestone, the 40th service anniversary of His Grace Balabadra Bhattacarya das.

Balabadra has the unique position of being one of the few devotees who has only served one temple in his entire devotional career for 40 continous years.

Not only that, but he was born in Atlanta and joined ISKCON Atlanta in 1973.



Please come and help us honor one of the stalwart servants of Srila Prabhupada.

See ya'll at the festival!

your servants,

Festival Commitee

Current ISKCON VIPs attending the festival:

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami
His Holiness Rtadhvaja Swami
His Holiness Bhakta Nityananda Swami
His Grace Acyutananda dasa (disciple from 1965)
His Grace Yadhubara das
His Grace Srutikirti das (Srila Prabhupada's servant)