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Sandeepani Aashram Sunday School

Planned activities for the month of August:

  • BG Chapter 12 Slokas
  • SB Stories and Group Discussion
  • Quiz from BG Chapter 1 using Kahoot
  • Learning Jagannathashtakam

Teachers: Urjeshwari Rādhā DD, Poonam Mataji, Rangesh Prabhuji

Classes: 7-9 yrs Damodar Kids, 10-15 yrs Madhava Kids

Every Sunday 4 PM

Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gītā

janma karma me divyaṁ yo jānāti tattvataḥ tyaktvā dehaṁ punar janma naiti mām eti kaunteya.

This fact, that we can achieve such a stage of life when we can stop our birth and death… Sa ’mṛtatvāya kalpate. This morning, I was explaining this verse:

yaṁ hi na vyathayanty ete puruṣaṁ puruṣarsabha sama-duḥkha-sukhaṁ dhīraṁ so ’mṛtatvāya kalpate

Amrtatva means immortality. So the modern civilization, they have no idea, either the great philosopher, great politician or great scientist, that it is possible to attain the stage of immortality. Amṛtatva. We are all amṛta. In the Bhagavad-gītā it is said, na jāyate na mrīyate vā kadācin. We living entities, we never die, never take birth. Nityaḥ śāśvato yaṁ, na hanyate hanyamāne śarīre Every one of us, we are eternal, nityaḥ śāśvato; Purāṇa, the oldest. And after annihilation of this body, we do not die. Na hanyate. The body is finished, but I have to accept another body. Tathā dehāntara prāptir dhīras tatra na muhyati. Dehino ’smin yathā dehe kaumāraṁ yauvanaṁ jarā.This simple thing, at the present moment, they are lacking knowledge, that we, all living entities, part and parcel of Krishna, we are eternal, we are blissful, and we are cognizant. Krishna is described in the Vedic śāstras:

īśvaraḥ paramaḥ Krishnaḥ sac-cid-ānanda-vigrahaḥ anādir ādir govindaḥ sarva-kāraṇa-kāraṇam

Sac-cid-ānanda-vigrahaḥ. God, Krishna, when I speak Krishna, that means God. If there is any important name… God, it is sometimes said God has no name. That’s a fact. But God’s name is given by His activities. Just like Krishna accepted the sonhood of Mahārāja Nanda, or Yaśodāmāyī, or Devakī, or Vasudeva. Vasudeva and Devakī were Krishna’s real father and mother. Nobody is real father and mother of Krishna, because Krishna is the original father of everyone. But when Krishna comes here, advents, He accepts some devotees as His father, as His mother. Krishna is the original, ādi-puruṣaṁ. Ādyaṁ Purāṇa- puruṣam nava-yauvanaṁ ca He is the original person. Then must be very old? No. Adyam purāṇa puruṣam nava-yauvanam ca. Always fresh youth. That is Krishna. When Krishna was on the battlefield of Kurukṣetra, you have seen the picture, He’s just like a boy of twenty years or, at most, twenty-four years old. But at that time, He had great-grandchildren. Therefore, Krishna is always youth. Navayauvanam ca. These are the statements of Vedic literatures.

–Lecture by Srila Prabhupada (Janmāṣṭamī, Aug 21, 1973 London)

Founder-Acharya: His Divine Grace 

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ​

​Iskcon Atlanta 


Hare Krishna!! We are starting this new section

in the newsletter to glorifly our congregation devotees who are service the New Panihati Dham selflessly with no expectation of credit. We as member of newsletter team think that it is our duty to glorify such devotees and show gratitude towards The Lord’s devotees in this forum.

To take the first step, we are going to glorify our beloved Chitravirya Dasa. He is disciple of HH Jayapataka Swami. You must have seen doing him service every Saturday and Sunday very attentively. Even in this difficult of COVID-19, he does shop for the temple every Saturday. Let’s hear from him about his life as a devotee.

What is your family background?
I was raised in Midnapore, West Bengal. My family was a wealthy family in our area, and I am part of a family of 4 brothers and 4 sisters in total.

How did you come to KC?
From a young age I was interested in bhajan and kirtan. When I moved to Calcutta for my higher education, I saw a group of devotees on harinam sankirtan and I joined in with them. Slowly, I joined the temple and got valuable association of the temple president, Adriharan Das prabhu.

What services have you done?

  • Temple commander of the ISKCON Calcutta temple (in charge of troubleshooting daily temple issues)
  • Bus guide for Calcutta to Mayapur Bus service
  • Sankirtan and Life Membership Manager for ISKCON Calcutta
  • Temple Cook and Pujari for ISKCON Atlanta

What is most inspiring to you in KC?
I am most inspired by doing Deity service at the temple because by serving the deities and shopping for kitchen supplies I feel that I am personally and directly offering my service to Krishna.

What have been some of your realizations while doing your service?
The more and more busy you get in your service in KC, the happier you will be however it is also important to maintain a balance between our duties in our spiritual and material lives.

How long have you been doing your current service?
I have been serving as a pujari in the ISKCON Atlanta temple since 2006.

When did you start your service?
I have been serving in the Atlanta temple since 1992.

What future projects and initiatives would you like to be a part of?
I want to engage more with the congregation and develop more personal relationships. I would like to make our temple more welcoming for new devotees and first-time visitors.